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Customers with Waterproofing needs

Need cost/estimate to waterproof a wet basement that abuts wetlands. Thank you,

Lynda P

We are finishing our basement and looking to have a french drain installed. Want to make sure our basement is waterproof.

Liz M

Occasionally, when we experience a lot of rain, we'll see water leak into the garage. The source appears to be where the garage slab meets the house slab. Wondering if we could get have someone take a look and discuss our options for addressing this and pricing. Thanks!

Shaun D

We recently hired a company that does basement renovations. First day the project was over after the heavy storm our floor was full of water in one corner. Before we had carpet for 7 years and have not noticed this problem. It feels devastating after spending so much money that we have to do it again.


My rock foundation house has water coming in 6 places!!!! I need a solution.

Kris S

Water pours into basement when heavy rain comes. I need help waterproofing our basement.

Jun L

Would like more information as well as an estimate for waterproofing my basement.

Abner Z

100 year old house with stone foundation and water issues. Need proper waterproofing.

Jennifer J

Hi, my sump pump stopped working. I've gotten water 3 times since I moved in and would like some possible solutions to the problem and the associated costs. Thanks,

Mark T

We have an old house with alot of cracks in the concrete floor and it floods from angles. We would really like for someone to come out and look at it

Renee M

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